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kiran j
Very helpful process. And echo is very knowledgable and caring. I find Echo as a very caring person in the over all health and well being. I have been taking her help for the past one year and i love it.
Allen Lyons
Amazing care. Amazing results. I actually began acupuncture as a last resort, when even surgery failed to relieve my pain and I found myself becoming less and less able to function. Finding Jade Earth was a Godsend! Echo is amazing in her care and skill, and the results have been fabulous. The office atmosphere is professional but welcoming and friendly, thanks to both Echo and Jenna. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience at Jade Earth.
Oh Man!!! Talk about pain and stress relief. Not just during the appointment put I feel a lingering improvement today after my first appointment yesterday!
Kiran Jonnalagadda
Amazing help and personal care I have psoriatic arthritis for a long period. And the care and help offered by Echo thru her acupuncture is beyond words. I have no respect for the medication, because of the side effects it creates. And without Echo's help , i could not manage the pain. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend everyone to give it a try, for as simple things as stress relieving, OR as big as chronic illnesses for managing day to day life.
I'm a Believer! Have achieved fabulous results rebuilding adrenals, improving sleep and digestion, and fixing aching joints. Love Echo's caring style and recommendations for herbs, and Jenna's wit and humor. You should go!
Mark Duncan
Jade Earth If you are looking for a wonderful experience concerning acupuncture Jade Earth is the place you want to get to. Echo and Jenna are the perfect mix of knowledge, profesionalism, and fun. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. Any questions you might have concerning the treatment or procedures are quickly and clearly answered or addresed. Appointment times are convenient and easily scheduled. I would give it a higher rating if I could, but there are only five stars.
Bryce H
Very Helpful, Professional and Effective Echo is very skilled at Acupuncture and is very helpful in answering questions and explaining things in a way that you can understand - no matter your background & beliefs. She was very helpful in explaining things in a way that made perfect sense to my Western medicine mindset and as a Christian, I didn't feel uncomfortable with any of it. She also helped my back pains to decrease more effectively and efficiently than any other professional in the health industry I had tried! Thanks Echo!
Kathy P
Awesome! My first experience with acupuncture has been with Echo and she has made it a great experience! I have significant Arthritis pain and a host of other health issues, and have seen notable difference in many of them after a few months of treatment. Echo is a very caring, skilled acupuncturist and highly recommended!
Master Healer I've been a patient of Echo's for years. Her expertise, integrity, sensitivity and knowledge always puts me back on track. Without her I would not be recovering from an auto accident as smoothly as I am. I am so grateful for her.